Standard shipping is free worldwide on all 108 bead malas and 54 bead wrap malas!  For a single 22 or 27 bead bracelet, the flat rate shipping cost worldwide is $5.  If you purchase 3 or more 22 or 27 bead bracelets, shipping is also free.  Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days.  We ship from The Netherlands and shipping times within country are typically 1 day.  Within the rest of Europe, shipping times average 5 business days.  The average shipping time to the United States is 10-15 business days.  Shipping to Asia is typically 12-15 business days.  If customs decides to inspect a package shipping could take a bit longer, but this is a rare occurrence.  Standard shipping does not come with track-n-trace and is not guaranteed.  Please note, if you would like to pay for expedited shipping(normally 3-6 business days to the US), then at checkout you can choose ‘expedited shipping’ which includes track-n-trace and costs $12.  If you have a shipping question based on your specific location, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to assist!



Mala Care

108 bead malas are hand knotted with strong cord and should not break with normal, careful use.  A few tips on care:

-do not pull or play with tassel so as to preserve the integrity of the construction.

-If sandalwood beads are included in your mala, I suggest you keep the mala in the travel bag when not using so as to preserve the lovely scent.

-If a charm/charms are included in your mala, do not pull on or play with.  They are attached via a jump ring and can become loose or open if handled too much.

-If you wear your mala wrapped around your wrist, in time, the cord will stretch a bit but should not break unless the mala is forced onto your wrist in a strong manner.


Bracelets are made using strong stretch cord.  Due to the nature of this material it is possible, over time, to become  more loose and could even break.  To prolong the integrity of bracelets I suggest these tips:

-always roll bracelet onto your hand as opposed to pulling/stretching onto your hand.

-take care not to wear in the water or while partaking in high intensity activities.

-do not tug on/stretch while wearing.



If your mala should break, for any reason, please contact me and we will work out a solution depending on the circumstances and nature of the break.  It is important to me that every customer have prolonged happiness with their purchase!



Thank you,

Melissa Willems-Owner/Mala Designer