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108 bead hand knotted mala made of chrysocolla, sodalite, turquoise barrels, faceted carnelian, green agate, and lemon chrysoprase.  The mountain stone(meru or guru bead) is a faceted carnelian. Finished with a handmade blue tassel.

*Made with 10mm, 8mm and 6mm beads.  Hangs 60cm/23.5″ from the nape of the neck to the end of the tassel.

Each mala is sent to you in a handmade 100% linen travel bag with a hand carved stamp of the Southern Mountain Malas logo.  You can see a photo on the homepage.



Chrysocolla-stone of harmony and purification.  Works in a gentle and harmonious way to help remove negativity. It can help to ease fear, anxiety and guilt.  Also known to bring hope.  Primarily good for the throat chakra but also good for the heart chakra.

Sodalite-stone of communication and truth.  Known to increase intelligence, knowledge, and learning.  Useful for honesty of emotions.  Good for the throat chakra.

Turquoise-sacred to both Native American and oriental traditions. Associated with the sky, and bringing sky energy to earth. Can help promote honest and clear communication from the heart.  Known to be very powerful for relieving stress, protecting against pollutants in the environment and bringing abundance.  Is a master healer stone and great for grounding.  Good for the throat chakra.

Carnelian-stone of creativity, courage, and individuality.  Because it is agate class of chalcedony, it also has protective energies, especially from jealousy, anger, and fear.  Known to assist in manifesting desires as well as bring good luck.  Good for both the root and sacral chakras.

Agate-protective, strengthening and grounding stone.  Known to assist in balancing yin/yang.  Also known to give courage, emotional strength, self-confidence and dispel fears.  Enhances creativity.  It is a very protective stone and especially good for children. Good for all chakras depending on the color.  Green agate is good for the heart chakra.

Lemon chrysoprase-powerful stone known to bring good fortune, prosperity, and business success.  Facilitates self-expression, courage, hope, and the ability to use them wisely. Strengthens friendships.  Balances yin/yang.  Good for the heart chakra.



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