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108 bead hand knotted mala made of green agate, aventurine, matte tiger eye, matte rainbow amazonite, and sunstone.  The mountain stone(meru or guru bead) is a beautiful tiger iron.  Finished with small tiger eye beads.

*Made with 8mm and 9mm beads.  Hangs 52cm/20.5″ from the nape of the neck to the end of the tassel.

Each mala is sent to you in a handmade %100 linen travel bag with a hand carved stamp of the Southern Mountain Malas logo.  



Agate-protective, strengthening and grounding stone.  Known to assist in balancing yin/yang.  It is a very protective stone and especially good for children. Also known for giving strength, enhancing creativity, giving good luck, and giving energy when needed. Good for all chakras depending on the color.  Green agate is good for the heart chakra.

Aventurine-known as a great healer of the heart chakra.  Because of its properties in promoting harmony and clearing personal psychic energy, aventurine is a perfect stone for improving relationships, especially romantic relationships.  Perfect for healing discord and promoting harmony.  It is a calming stone that is said to bring luck.  Great for the heart chakra.

Tiger eye-grounding stone of protection.  Known to promote self esteem and confidence.  Also promotes a positive attitude and is known to enhance personal power.  Is known to give you courage and strength of will. It enhances creativity and is one of the stones that aid kundalini awakening. Good for solar plexus chakra.

Amazonite(and rainbow amazonite)-stone of hope.  Known to enhance intuition, creativity, and psychic abilities.  Believed to heal emotional disturbances and the after effects of emotional trauma. Known to lessen stress and self-defeating behaviours by calming and building self-esteem. Good for the throat chakra as well as the 3rd eye.

Sunstone- powerful stone used for dispelling fears and phobias of all kinds.  Also known to relieve stress and lift depression.  Increases personal power and will as well as life force energy.  Good for the sacral chakra.

Tiger iron(mix of tiger eye, pyrite, and red jasper)- the most energetically dynamic of all the grounding stones.  Useful for self healing and helps to encourage health, personal power, focussed will and mental clarity.  Known to lend strength, stamina and energy to the physical body.  Good for the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.



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