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Blue Ridge Mountains-custom-DB

US $85.00

108 bead hand knotted mala made with tiger eye, fossil jasper, and lapis lazuli.  The mountain stones(meru or guru beads) are a matte lapis lazuli round and a faceted lapis lazuli nugget.  Finished with 5 small lapis beads.

*Made with 8mm beads.  Hangs 55cm/21.5″ from the nape of the neck to the bottom of the beads.

Each mala is sent to you in a 100% cotton handmade travel bag with a hand carved stamp of the Southern Mountain Malas logo.  You can see a photo on the homepage.


Tiger eye-grounding stone of protection.  Known to promote self esteem and confidence.  Also promotes a positive attitude and is known to enhance personal power.  Is known to give you courage and strength of will. It enhances creativity and is one of the stones that aid kundalini awakening. Good for solar plexus chakra.

Jasper-Nurturing stone known to bring gentleness, comfort, relaxation, and emotional healing.  Also to specifically bring peace to endings.  Known to bring deep emotional healing. Very protective stone. Good to align all chakras.

Lapis lazuli-stone of truth, power, and organization.  Lapis Lazuli is said to help create and maintain a connection between the physical and celestial planes, creating a strong spiritual connection.  Lapis Lazuli is a manifestation stone. It is also an excellent meditation stone. Meditating on a goal or quality you wish to manifest can bring this strong manifestation energy in.  Good for the throat chakra.


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