In the Summer of 2014 I had been living as an American expat in Nederland for a little over 4 years.   A wife to my Dutch husband and stay at home mother to a 7 and 2 yr old, I realized as much as I loved my role, something was missing. My family and I had been through many big changes, from moving across the ocean to adopting our 2nd child. Pre children I was very involved in a personal spiritual practice and wanted to get back to that place.  I had been thinking of purchasing a mala, one with a lot of heart and soul, that could be part of my journey back to a spiritual practice.  Why not make my own?  I did, and then came a mala for my husband, family and friends.  Realizing I loved the meditative as well as design process of making hand knotted malas, the next obvious step came and Southern Mountain Malas was born.  The name is a nod to my former home in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of the Southeastern United States and a wink to my current home in the South of Nederland..jokingly referred to as the mountains of NL for it’s beautiful rolling hills.

I find that owning and wearing a mala has been much more than a tool in my meditation practice.  It is a daily reminder to stay on track ..whatever that track may be. We all have our own journey!  In addition, it is important for me to make malas with semi precious stones, rudraksha seeds, and special wood beads because of the incredible energy they inhabit and bring to the wearer.

My aim is to use only high quality gem stones as well as only ISO Certified Authentic rudraksha seeds.  I order the rudraksha seeds from a trusted ISO Certified supplier in India. Each and every mala is a well thought out process and made with love especially for you..I hope you enjoy.



Melissa Willems-Owner/Mala Designer